The anthropology drug.

So, let me tell you a bit about myself. i’m in my 30s and I have just completed my honours in Anthropology. My anthropology journey was serendipity.

In 2005 I was finding my mind being a bit restless so I decided to enrol in university at the age of 27. I initially enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Philosophy as it was a subject that had always intrigued, but that I had never got around to actually reading about. So I was travelling along nicely doing that major, when I realised I needed to pick up 16 other credit points to finish my BA. I looked through the Deakin University handbook and came across the description of anthropology.

“Anthropology is the study of the lives of people in a range of societies. This major sequence investigates kinship and family; gender; economic and political anthropology; work and consumption; religion, ritual and witchcraft; person, society and cosmos; death; the impact of and problems caused by expanding European nations on the peoples of Africa and the Pacific; globalisation; processes of change in the Third World; international tourism; festivals; medical anthropology; communal conflict; ethnicity; international migration and doing fieldwork.”

Who could *not* be intrigued at a description like this? So I enrol in one unit, take the first class, and well, I was hooked. As I have found over the years, and continue to do so, anthropology is something that applies to our every day lives in more ways than we realise. I have just completed my Honours in anthropology and am hoping to do my masters or PhD in anthropology. I have two main interests, the first being what my Honours thesis was on “The Interplay of stereotypes in First Australian Social Welfare and Public Policy”, and the other being “The Presentation of Self in Online Worlds”. So I am basically all about all things Indigenous Anthropology and all things Web Anthropology, although I can sit and read anything anthtropological for hours on end, but these are my two research interests at this stage of my life.

I intend to use this blog as a sounding board for my ideas. At this stage I am waiting for my results and once I have those back I will have some idea of where my anthropology journey will lead me next. Can’t wait!.



2 thoughts on “The anthropology drug.

  1. Hi Ainslee, on a break whilst writing my anthropology PhD thesis and came to your blog via thesiswhisperer. I had to comment only because of the serendipity that not only did I notice that you follow my blog (The 100 week language challenge), which I don’t update nearly as often as I would like, you also follow my friend anne lemmens’ blog in Ecuador (who lives where I did my fieldwork). That’s quite a coincidence! Anyway keep up the anthropologizing! Best, Simon

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    1. Hi Simon 🙂 it is great to hear people read my blog 🙂 i am going to try to keep it up to date more. I intend to smash this lit review chapter this week so i can hand it in on Friday. It is interesting as i am at postgraduate level and this the first one i have ever had to write like this so have been floundering a bit. Hoping sharing my highs and lows help others 🙂 ahh anthropology, it makes the struggle so worth it!! Hope yours is going well. 🙂


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