Anthropology and the world in which we live.

Since my last post, I am still eagerly awaiting my thesis results. Also, since my last post I have been lucky enough to be elected the Web Officer as part of the Executive Committee for the Australian Network of Student Anthropologists (ANSA). So I’ll get the plug for ANSA out of the way. ANSA is a great network to join up with, especially if you are a student or an early career researcher as there are people who are either at the same level you are, or who have been there and provide support. It’s also a great network to be involved in because anthropological knowledge is shared, as well as potential job opportunities and the chance to network with experienced anthropologists too. You can check us out at our website, Facebook or Twitter pages.

I have to say, whilst waiting for my results does make me a bit impatient, I’m less impatient than I thought. The reason being is that waiting has allowed me to reconsider what path I would like to take with my further studies. Whilst i was considering doing a PhD on a totally unrelated (still anthropological) topic, I have since been reading/watching things that have made me realise that there is still much to be explored when it comes to Indigenous issues. If you have not seen them, I highly recommend readers watch First Contact, Awaken, Living Black and Black Comedy. Whilst I have some problems with First Contact on an anthropological level, it highlights the ignorant racism that is rife in the Australian psyche. Awaken and Living Black are great Indigenous current affairs shows. Black Comedy, well, this would have to be the funniest sketch show I have seen in decades. It makes me laugh and cringe all at the same time. It’s brilliant, just what Australia needs. All of these shows, in unison with my honours thesis demonstrate that there are many paths yet to be explored in relation to anthropological matters in these areas. I get goosebumps just thinking about it (yes, I am an anthro-tragic). Until I get my results however, I am holding off on fully examining what areas I can pursue in a PhD or Masters. I am just enjoying the time being a Web Officer, eagerly anticipating the AAS conference in 2015 in Melbourne, and seeing where things lead me in the mean time, as I seem to be on a path that I had not planned but is one I am glad to be on. This is what I love about anthropology, there is so much in this world that anthropology relates to and vice versa. The possibilities appear to be endless!



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