Some tips for those about to embark on their anthropological journey (or who are just tip junkies like me).

Here I just want to list some of the products that have worked for me during my undergrad/honours years.

Endnote:   Bibliography software that, whilst it sometimes drives me nuts, I couldn’t live without. Everything you read should go in here, *everything*.Make sure you attach the PDFs of your articles to the reference so that you aren’t later searching around madly for them (like I did before I learned the hard way).

Evernote: A program that syncs to every device, computer, phone, tablet etc. I used Evernote to keep a note of my ideas as I had them, also to keep track of my research. Although I had already attached my PDFs in Endnote, I also did here too, that way they are stored in the “cloud”. Was good to be able to keep track of my research and see where I had come to in terms of thinking.

Readcube: Although your university will have an online library which allows you to search journals, I have found that searching for articles through Readcube and also Google Scholar, rendered better results.   Sometimes it took me back to articles that were in my library but didn’t show up in searches directly through the library. I haven’t used its other features, but they are extensive and will be looking into them further.

Mendeley: Again this can be used in many formats, pc, laptop, web etc. It’s great for indexing all your articles and saving them to the cloud. Great search functionality to help find articles you have.

Ok, so those are my tips for now, if I think of anymore later, you’ll hear about them.



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