Great Twitter hashtags I am using as an Early Career Academic

I am loving learning how useful Twitter can be.

Dr Anna Tarrant

I have recently been fortunate enough to help organise and host the hashtag #acwri (short for academic writing) on Twitter. Together with PhD2Published and Dr Jeremy Segrott, we do fortnightly live chats on Twitter around a particular theme about academic writing (find out more here). We have now developed a great community and have had some fascinating discussions that are really opening up a helpful and informative informal online learning network.

As well as my involvement in #acwri I do like to follow and contribute to other hashtags on Twitter, which I think are worthy of mention. 

A really great hashtag that I have been following recently is #phdadvice, brain child of Dr Nadine Muller. Nadine is doing a fantastic job with the hashtag and I have now posted several questions and received excellent feedback and advice. It is great for Early Career Researchers because a range of…

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