How I do my PhD | Michael Saker

PhD Life

I’m in the final year of my PhD, having recently upgraded in the summer. I’ve decided to use this space to briefly offer fellow PhDers some tips on what has helped me along the way.

Be open to your project moving in different directions. As clich as it is to quote Bruce Lee so early on and I’ve no doubt it has been done many times before, I nonetheless feel compelled and justified in stating: be like water. Don’t constrain your project to an a priori path of progression devised in its infancy. Instead allow it the space needed to evolve and transform in interesting and un-thought of ways. This will then provide the opportunity to pursue potentially new avenues of interest, which could enrich your thesis.

Build a good relationship with your supervisors. I can’t stress the importance of this enough. A good relationship with your supervisors will not…

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