just when you think you’re getting nowhere – a handy tip

Although I haven’t officially started my PhD yet (not until March), I’m aware of the workload that I am going to be faced with and am therefore attempting to get a head start. I’m making a small dent in the research ethics training, and have been trying to search for literature.

The latter I have found to be more trouble than I thought. Luckily, I was able to have a session with a research librarian today who showed me what I was doing that was rendering minimal/no results. When doing your initial research for your literature review, I have found that if you broaden your search, you will find so much more, and even stuff that you didn’t realise was relevant.

My problem so far is I have an idea in mind, and have been searching based on that. My idea is too specific at this stage. Therefore I need to take a step back, look for sub topics within my topic, and search for them. Now that I know this trick, a wealth of information is revealing itself. Anyway, thought I would just share that tip in case it helps someone else.


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