Reddit as a place for anthropological studies

Since embarking on this PhD, I have quickly come to learn just how much information there is on the internet, in places I never would have thought (see my previous posts about Twitter for example).

Whilst some (including myself) call me a geek, I have friends who are even moreso, and it’s such a great thing to have these people to be able to pick their brains. I’d heard of Reddit for many years, but never thought of using it because I thought it was a place where people shared junk, like 4chan etc. Turns out I was wrong. Reddit, once you know how to use it, has such a wealth of information (although you do have to trawl through and weed out the useless stuff). – this is but one of the examples of what interesting and informative content lies on Reddit. I’ll leave it up to you to read through, but you can look at other subreddits that deal with anthropology (I chose digital anthropology because it relates to my PhD). I’ve been able to find people who are doing like-minded research, and am also able to ascertain from this what not to do in my own research so that I am not rehashing old stuff.

Anyway, back to preparing this literature review.


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