In the thick of it.

So it’s been awhile since my last post. Amazing how swamped I am already and only 20 days in to my PhD. I’m currently reading the last 20 years of literature in the area of Internet Studies, examining the common themes, arguments, and the trajectory of things. It’s always fun/scary reading a topic that’s new.

Although I have been interested in my topic of Presentation of Self in Online Worlds for years, reading about the debates in Internet Studies is something that is new for me. Therefore attempting to draw out the arguments and themes has been a slow process, but it is something that’s starting to come quickly to me. I’ve decided to switch my studies from full time to part time due to work commitments, but am still keeping the same pace as a full time student in regards to the reading. It’s interesting how quickly you learn to read quickly and take notes, something I didn’t think  I could do a week ago. I like to read and converse with the text, which I can still do, I am just learning which parts of the literature to let go and which parts to focus on more.

Anyway, back to it.


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