Keeping your aim in focus.

Sorry about the lack of postings. I have been in the thick of it reading for my literature review. I’ve been reading about the last 20 years of Internet Studies and then going to move on to presentation of self online (influenced by Goffman).

I’ve noticed that during the reading marathon, the original idea one has for their thesis can get slightly lost or muddled. Therefore I think it’s important to go over your idea at the start of your study session. For me, I am going to be looking at how ambiguous identities assert agency online. My interest in this ideas was stirred by my honours thesis. Although there are many parts of my honours thesis I want to explore further, for my PhD, the literature regarding Indigenous Australians of ambiguous identity who were and are discriminated against, both within their own communities and by strangers, has intrigued me. I therefore wish to look at how online worlds can assist such people. Going over the purpose of your research at the start of your study session can really help.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this tip. Back to the reading.


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