Dear Syfy

I want to tell you a story.

This is a story about the quality of television, and how 12 Monkeys surpasses all measures beyond imagination, and why this show NEEDS to continue to be shown for another season, if not more.

Shows take a lot to hold my attention. There have been shows over the years that have done so, but have been cancelled for one reason or another. I fear this will be the fate of 12 Monkeys, but I know myself, and so many other people out there, want, no, NEED this show to continue.

Over the years there have been shows that continue on, when they are mindless garbage, and then you get shows like 12 Monkeys that make you THINK! They make you FEEL, but this show is not like any other. Yes Sci-Fi is a niche market. Therefore it should be expected that shows have a niche following, but the following it has, is one of DIE HARD fans. You only have to be part of our Addicts of the 12 Monkeys Facebook group to see a portion of those fans. We are doing ALL that we can with the means that we have to try and get this show renewed. We are doing what is asked of us, we are tweeting like crazy, and some awesome people out there are taking to the streets and plastering their love for the show everywhere. This is like nothing I have seen before. It’s become more than just a show, but more of an ARMY OF THE 12 MONKEYS!

In the past, shows such as Firefly, Flash Forward, Millennium, Angel, Dollhouse and countless others like it have been cancelled well before their time. Back then, we didn’t have social media, so we weren’t able to connect to people like we are now. Thanks to social media, and thanks to the cast, crew and creators of this show, we have been able to interact with these people, and I can only speak for myself, but I hate to see someone’s vision being killed when the story has only begun. And WHAT a story it is. There are so many reasons why I love this show, getting goosebumps just writing this. The intricacies of the plot, the acting, the writing, the sets. All these people have bought their best together to create this. This has truly become something more than a television show. The fans are a family, of which I am proud to be a member of. I live in Australia, so I am unfortunately unable to live tweet with the rest of the guys (although I do because I enjoy seeing what’s in store for me that week) and I love being able to interact with the actors and writers, they know how much this means to us, and vice versa. As I only have access to Itunes to watch this show, I hope you are taking these views in to account.

When I heard 12 Monkeys was being made, I thought “this will be interesting” as I was skeptical about a tv show being made from a movie. The opening credits hadn’t even rolled and I was HOOKED!!! The imagery of Cassie’s watch being scratched was, I can only describe as breathtaking as I gasped at how brilliant it was to put something like this at the very beginning. This show is the most intelligent series I have EVER seen on tv. I have to say I have watched the first season 6 times now, and EVERY time I find something I did not notice before. I have watched each of the s2 eps 3 times each now. This show has so much going on that you really do have to watch it that many times, and it NEVER gets boring, it just gets better and better. THIS is why you need to give it another season. There is NO other show that does this. I love Supernatural, and Orphan Black, but they are nothing compared to 12 Monkeys. You have a true masterpiece here, so please do not cancel it, as I am sure you will end up with a lot of angry viewers who you will lose out on because they have no faith in tv, as its happened to us before.

You are on an absolute winner with 12 Monkeys. Please do not leave us with mindless rubbish to watch. To have a show that you constantly think about the theories, the hidden meanings, what’s going to happen next, and have a group of fans who will discuss this until the cows come home, I don’t know if we will ever see anything like this phenomenon again. As it is 12 Monkeys CANNOT finish yet. It will leave so many things unanswered, and will just become another statistic in the ridiculous ratings war, where good shows die whilst mindless drone shows win. You only have to look at Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and all the blogs by fans, the critical reviews that have demonstrated why this show is AMAZING. Get BEHIND your own shows, and make sure this one stays, not just for the fans, but for all of those amazing people that work on the show. Emily Hampshire’s version of Goines is, for want of a better word AMAZEBALLS!!! I’ve NEVER seen acting like that before. The hidden gems that Terry Matalas writes in to the show, like Bill and Ted quotes, the Trolololol guy etc, it’s so exciting to watch back and find these things you didn’t see before.

The ratings might not be what a network expects, but the ratings are a NICHE cult following. ALL of us love this show and we know that given another season, with all the work we are doing to help get the word out there, season 3 will surpass all expectations. We have answered The Pallid Man’s call and will do anything necessary to ensure this show gets a third season.

We know the next two weeks are CRITICAL, so PLEASE let us help you help us and the 12 Monkeys family to get this show through the next two weeks. We plead with you, to ignore numbers (maybe not primaries ;)) but ignore numbers, listen to hearts, listen to fans. WE are the ones that watch these shows, we are the ones who are heartbroken when you take shows like this away from us and remove platforms for creative geniuses to do what they do so brilliantly. Do not smother the 12 Monkey flame, let it burn longer, and it will burn stronger.

We are the Addicts of the 12 Monkeys and we will do whatever we need to do to keep this show on air.

Yours with absolute respect for allowing such a great show on air,

Ainslee Hooper


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