Doing my bit

Ok, so it’s been months since I’ve posted. I’ve felt that I haven’t got much to post about, but then I realised, that’s the most important reason to post. I had my colloquium in July, which I passed and am now officially a Masters Candidate. Doing this degree part time will mean I finish in September of 2019.

So, what have I been doing since colloquium? Realising that a lot of stuff that I had already read is no longer relevant, and wading my way through the literature review chapter of my thesis. As appears a common problem, my mind gets stuck on the smallest details. For example, my research question asks for contemporary examples (yep, I put that in there myself), and now i’m trying to figure out which ones to toss out, which ones are too old to be contemporary. I think I’ve worked that out. As I get closer to finishing my literature review, I am sure I will have more to blog about. I’ve found that any writing, whether it be putting words in chapters for my thesis, discussing my thesis with others, or blogging about it, is all worth it. It not only helps me to articulate to others what my research is about (currently examining how light-skinned Indigenous Australians present identity in online settings – specifically social media), and in turn, this helps me get it clearer in my head. As I write this, I realise that there a large chunk of literature I can disregard because it doesn’t have anything to do with my research question.

I also wanted to share a couple of links that I have found useful in the last few days


I also HIGHLY recommend you get your hands on

Whilst we are on tips, I have started to master Word so that I have a master file, and separate files for each chapter which update the master file as I go. So many handy things I’m finding along the way I wish I knew before.

You can find a lot of handy stuff on my Twitter @anthromusings but will endeavour to keep this up to date more often.






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