The belated AAS 2015 rundown from an Ains perspective.

From the 1st to the 4th of November, I attended the AAS Conference @ Melbourne University. I has taken me until today to write this post as I was mentally exhausted (in a great way) from everything I got to see at the conference. Unfortunately there were so many panels that I didn't get to … Continue reading The belated AAS 2015 rundown from an Ains perspective.


I've recently discovered, working with two monitors whilst doing a PhD is a must. I've also been trying to work out how to make working with two screens more efficient. My issue was every time I shut down my laptop, what was on each screen would lose its place. That's when I came across DisplayFusion … Continue reading

Giving an academic conference paper

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Giving  a conference paper can be one of the most intimidating aspects of doctoral research.  On the bright side, successfully presenting your research to an engaged audience can be incredibly rewarding.  Although becoming a skilled orator takes time, there are a number of relatively simple steps you can follow to make your debut performance less stressful.

Preparation is key – if you’ve addressed all of the areas outlined below, you’ll feel more confident and in control.

NB This post doesn’t  cover use of audio visual material, which is a whole other matter!  Also, the guidance is based on delivering an oral academic conference paper (ie reading from a script), rather than a presentation, where you might be required to speak just from notes.  In some disciplines delivering a paper verbatim is mandatory, in others it is strongly discouraged, so establish what is appropriate for your event.

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