The belated AAS 2015 rundown from an Ains perspective.

From the 1st to the 4th of November, I attended the AAS Conference @ Melbourne University. I has taken me until today to write this post as I was mentally exhausted (in a great way) from everything I got to see at the conference. Unfortunately there were so many panels that I didn't get to … Continue reading The belated AAS 2015 rundown from an Ains perspective.


The countdown is on.

The Australian Anthropology Society conference is on next month #AAS2015 #moralhorizons. So i'm busily getting my panel presentation finished for the postgrad showcase. I start back doing my PhD next month so this is a good time to reflect on my ideas, look at my proposal and refine it. It's been interesting reading through the … Continue reading The countdown is on.

I've recently discovered, working with two monitors whilst doing a PhD is a must. I've also been trying to work out how to make working with two screens more efficient. My issue was every time I shut down my laptop, what was on each screen would lose its place. That's when I came across DisplayFusion … Continue reading